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as if constantly seeing the red, white and pink was not enough. nor being bombarded with everything shaped in hearts: chocolates, cookies and cakes. not to mention the flowers and the films and the love songs on the radio. as if those were not enough reminders that love was in the air, the air that i walk through alone, there it was, sitting in my pile of mail:

where do you go to meet quality single people?

great expectations
your singles source for the new millennium.

annoyed, i tossed it aside, wondering why it had to be placed in my pile of mail, not hers, not the trash.

and then i saw who it was addressed to -- current single resident -- and realized that that was me.

a lovely mixed tape from a lovely girl, and tomorrow i send her mine.

i let it get to me.

abandon.org: "Narcissistic by nature, personal domains are largely composed of meaningless reflections and melodramatic episodes that--in all honesty--bear no relevancy to anything whatsoever except (of course) to the life of the author."

"i've wanted to bump into you," the boy said to the girl.

this sweater makes me itch.

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