it makes me sad to think about it. once, we were friends, talking every day about life and God and art and music and the crazy world. and now, we are nothing, without even a hello how are you to speak of. i think about how much fun it was to just sit there with them, with a cup of coffee, a beer, some water; at the cafe, at the bar, on the living room; one afternoon, at night, in the early morning hours. just sitting. i never asked for anything more than that. i knew better. i knew there was her. and now, we are nothing. i lost my friends, and i miss them so much sometimes my insides feel hollow and i want to cry. why did it have to change? is it so hard to be my friend? don't they think about me at all? and i think, maybe harry was right when he told sally that men and women can never be friends. maybe my breasts got in the way.

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