the one in the brown shirt with the clear hazel eyes, he was cute. i mean, he was grab your shirt collar to turn your head to get another look cute. his eyes, like magnets, pulled mine to his, and he smiled. he smiled, and i smiled back. and then he was just a yard away, and this was the perfect time to tell him how amazing was his song, and wow he lived in beijing, and yes i'd love to know more about that event even if i can't go (but he doesn't have to know that. i will just pretend i can go to talk to him more, and he will find out that i am pretty damn talented, and he will want to ask me out for a cup of coffee, and isn't that the way it works these days? i hear it is). but he turned around and walked away as the words were working their way from my brain to my nerves to the tip of my tongue, and then he went to sit back down, and afterward, i went to look for him, but he'd already left.

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