it had become like a cliché, we kept running into each other like that.

that night, i was sitting comfy on the black vinyl sofa at the cafe, and this time i was really going to do it. you know, be productive, get something done. so i sat there, with my double caramel latte in hand, zines piled beside me and my journal sitting exposed on my lap. i was inspired. i slowly sliced the paper, gently attached clippings and carefully began to write.

just then someone plopped down on the sofa and scooted himself right into my left side. annoyed, i looked to see who it was. it was him.

"oh hi," i said.

"i'm following you," he grinned.

i tried to smile back, but all i could feel was his warm body beside mine. "so where's--"

"oh she's coming," he said, finishing my sentence for me. he'd been seeing this girl. i heard it wasn't serious, but it seemed as if he spent every waking minute with her. i heard she was perky. "what are you doing?"

i told him, and we started to talk about writing and art and the other geeky things we both did, trying to prove that each was geekier than the other. it was as it always was with usa contradiction, both electric and calming. i liked being beside him, but i didn't want to get too close. i sat nervously at the edge of the sofa.

then she bounced along. she batted her glittery eyelashes and kissed him on his forehead. he patted a spot on his left side and invited her to sit down, and we sat there squished. i couldn't get over how incredibly small and uncomfortable the sofa suddenly was.

after i introduced myself to her, i had nothing else to say, so i smiled a lot, and i was hoping she couldn't tell that i wasn't really happy to see her.

finally, he stood up.

"we need to stop running into each other like this," i said.

"well i can't help it," he replied. "you're magnetic."

flash -- that smile.

he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and she slid hers down to his butt and gave a little squeeze, and they walked away.

i just sat there and couldn't remember for the life of me what i was there to do.

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