still, the bus came too soon.

all of a sudden it was there and i had to get on quick or it would leave without me. so we fell into each other's arms and said stupid, nervous shit like thank you and write me and oh god i guess i should go now, and he kissed me on my forehead and i stumbled onto the bus in a starry-eyed stupor because he kissed me and it must have been the sweetest kiss i'd ever gotten in my life.

hammersmith, i blurted to the driver, but i didn't notice the ticket dangling from the machine or my change sitting in the cup.

i dropped my bags on the seat beside me and smiled at him through the open bus door. he stood there, raised his left arm as if to wave, then back down, back into his pocket. and i knew i would always see him standing there, grin wide, eyes alive, just leaning, like he had no place else to go.

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